Translation of documents

A perfectly translated document, in terms of language as well as graphics

Formats and content

We support various document formats (Word, PowerPoint, InDesign, etc.). Working methods differ depending on the type of document: for some, we export the text to be translated and subsequently import the translated text. The translated files will be identical to the original files in appearance, format and functionalities.

We are also able to process all manner of images using image-editing software (typically Photoshop or Illustrator) by replacing the source text with the translations. The images will look exactly the same, only the text will change.

We use the most qualified and experienced translators for each type of content. We select the translators based on their linguistic skills and not their formatting expertise, as we provide them with user-friendly files.

Project progress

We need source files to be able to provide you with a precise quote. An estimate is nonetheless possible based on PDF files.

In the event that you only have a PDF file available, we can either deliver a Word document with simplified layout or reproduce an identical document.

For documents created using desktop publishing software (e.g., InDesign), you can opt for a translated document with or without us checking the layout. It is up to you to choose the option that best suits your needs.

If we are in charge of the layout, a ready-to-print document will be delivered. All you have to do is provide us with the fonts and images used in the document. We will also proofread the final document.

If you prefer to check the layout yourself, you will only pay for the translation, as the text is automatically extracted from the source file to complete the translation, which in turn is then automatically reinserted. In that case, we recommend that the final document be proofread either by us or by you.