Process and team

The progress of a project from receipt to delivery and the people involved


Some projects require specific work before/after the actual translation stage. In general, it involves engineering or layout/image-editing.

We have the necessary skills in-house to process various file types and to produce high-quality work.

Surrounding the translation

Prior to the translation, it may be necessary to extract text or to modify the format of the files to enable the translators to process them. Our task consists in providing our translators with a format that enables them to work efficiently and use the translation memories.

Post-translation work aims to return files that are identical to the source files, in terms of aspect as well as functionalities. We will therefore check the layout, carry out tests on the functionalities, where necessary, import the text, etc.

Translators and project manager

Translators always translate into their mother tongue and, to the extent possible, work is carried out in the country where the language is spoken. Translators are selected in accordance with their skills depending on the project (technical, marketing, financial, etc.).

Translations are subsequently revised in order to maximise quality.

Translators are therefore responsible for the linguistic aspect of the translated document. For example, they are tasked with checking the proofs for errors after the formatting stage to make sure no errors have been inadvertently introduced.

Project managers provide support during every step of the project and liaise with the team members. They are the customers’ point of contact and can provide them with information on the status of the project at any time.

Graphic designers and engineers

Some projects require other skills in order to be brought to a successful completion.

Graphic designers are responsible for the graphic aspect of the translated document. If translated and source texts are not of the same size, it is necessary to rework the translated document in order for the graphics to be identical. If need be, they will have to insert the translations into the images containing text using image-editing software, such as Photoshop or Illustrator.

Engineers are responsible for the technical aspect. They must make sure that the translated document retains the same functionalities as the source document. They also provide translators with files that are easy to edit and that are compatible with translation tools.