Websites and software

Translation of websites and software

Perfectly translated files, linguistically as well as technically


You can provide us with source files or exported content. We will then decide together which format is the most practical and we will ensure that everything works before proceeding to the actual translation by carrying out tests.

Our work will consist in sending user-friendly documents to translators that will enable them to use translation memories. Once they have been translated, we will subsequently send you the same files, with identical functionalities.

Much more than just a translation

Depending on the project, preparation or finalisation work may be required before or after the translation stage.

Before the translation, it is sometimes necessary to extract the text to be translated to make the translators’ work easier by allowing them to use translation memories and to guarantee the integrity of the files.

After the translation, we sometimes have to reinsert translations into source files and, potentially, carry out tests in order to generate a high-quality finished product.